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Schweiß und Tränen

Turnerbund Bad Cannstatt
Emil-Kiemlen-Weg 51
70376 Stuttgart

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A portrait of the association

Dear Friends of the musical Arts!



Webteam`s Dudelsäckle e. V. sees itself as "a Showcase of Culture", a place for artists from such areas as Folklore, Storytelling, Blues, Jazz, ethnic, Fringe Theatre und Cabaret, offering opportunities to newcomers as well as to estabished artists even from outside the Stuttgart region to appear on stage - an enrichment in the cultural life of Bad Cannstatt.

Above all, the association wishes to give up-and-coming artists the chance to appear in fron of an audience. To this end, in addition to concerts, readings an a summerfest a annual festival is organised. Close to the heart of the association lies the cultivation of the swabian dialect, the customs and traditions, the community spirit, the feeling of bieng part of aplace, not only regional but also local in Cannstatt. In 1998 the association founded the "Cannstatt dialect days" - a festival of the vernacular.

This Website is designed to give you a good idea of the events, perfomances and possibilities the association provides.


We hope you enjoy looking around it.

`s Dudelsäckle.